Meet Brooke

Hey there, I'm Brooke! I'm married to my husband, Tony. Mama to three wild kiddos who are actually very sweet (when they want to be). We have a yellow lab who used to be our only child, and now feels like the outcast of the family... poor first dog problems (though we love her as much as we always have!)

I love everything white and neutral, my mom says I'm boring, I say I'm pure & timeless. I was in high school when I started using a camera, loaded with black and white film. I continued to shoot and develop film in high school and throughout college, but then... life. I didn't get back into photography until the birth of my first, and it was history from there. When I started back, digital was where it was at. I didn't even think about anything other than digital until just a few years ago. Then something started to change for me. I felt my images were missing something. I wanted more substance and depth from my images, not just for me, but for my clients. I kept seeing all of these amazing images that stopped me in my tracks. I found out they all had the same thing in common. They were all film. I started to try to edit my digital images to look like film and I kept coming up short. So, instead of trying to look like film, I started to shoot it. It was true love from there on out (well once I figured it out). As much as I love and adore Film I also depend on digital for the fast pace toddlers and low light situations. Bringing those two forms of photography together is what makes me different. And is what will make your gallery the absolute best one that can be delivered.  

If you're hiring me to capture your family, it's because you see something different in my work. I'm not your average budget shoot & burn photographer. We're going to work together to get something different. Something real. Something beautiful.

I have been honored to have my work published several times in The Fount Collective, Lemonade & Lenses, Belle Lumiere, and 100 Layer Cakelett, among others.

I have recieved many awards including; first place in the toddler category for the National Association of Professional Child Photographer (NAPCP), first place in the newborn category in the Lemonade and Lenses image competition, first place in the maternity category in the Lemonade and Lenses competition, second place in the family category in the Lemonade and Lenses competition, third place in the baby category in the  Lemonade and Lenses competition. 

Here's a little video to show you what to expect....