Storytelling: A Day in the Life.

I started this series with my own family in mind. I would be giving my kiddos a bath and kind of wish I had a picture of it. Or when I’m sitting on the floor with them building blocks, I’d take a second and try to remember their dimpled fingers stacking. These moments pass us by way too quickly. There is only a small window of time when our babies and toddlers are home with us and need all of our time and attention. These days are LONG (um, is it bed time yet?), but if you’re anything like me, once they are down (and if I’m being honest, once I’ve had a chance to relax with a glass of wine), I find myself looking at pictures of them and reflecting back on our day. Capturing these days will probably be some of the most meaningful photographs I’ll have the pleasure of handing over to my clients. I love a beautiful family session on the mountain, we all need those polished photographs to hang on our walls, but these everyday moments deserve their own session too. Here is a link to book.

This particular mama spends her free time (and not so free time!) creating beautiful paintings for her business, Jana Fleming Art. Enjoy a peek in to their day:

A little bit about these sessions: they are not timed, we will cover all the things that are important to you. We’ll take the time to discuss that once you’ve booked your session. Mornings are usually the best time for these, as that is when I find babies & toddlers are the happiest. They will be held on weekdays and I will only be able to schedule 2 per month. Sessions are $1250 & you will receive all of the images from your session as well as a soft-back book.

Please email me if you have any other questions!